Artist Statement

When I was a kid, there was a small monthly magazine published by the Ford Motor Company called Ford Times. It was essentially an advertisement for Ford automobiles, but I remember being fascinated by the ‘What is it’ game.  This page showed a photograph that focused on part of a common object, and challenged you to identify the object. What attracted me as much as the game, was this partial view of something very small, making it look monumental and unfamiliar.

Like those cropped photos, my minimalist abstract work also plays with identity. While no recognizable subject is depicted, the image can be seen as a magnified or topographical view of something real. Scratches and stains allude to natural phenomena.  Object and space and the color black are all ambiguous.  Using these contrasting elements with random design and trial and error, I search for solutions that are harmonious, aesthetically successful and a bit mysterious.

For many years, my chosen medium has been intaglio printmaking, specifically aquatint etching. I fell in love with its processes, the tools and materials, and the wonderful qualities of paper. More recently, I’ve worked in a combination of etching, collage, and paint.